This page is for information relating to local contact information regarding your area for which you reside, including contact info for the Township, School and Utilities in addition to trash services.
Please, as a reminder, bulk items are the responsibility of the Tenant.

We have teamed up with Appfolio to make your Tenant experience more enjoyable. You will find we have a 24 hour on call maintenance trouble shooting number. Appfoloio’s staff will evaluate your maintenance call, and dispatch the appropriate maintenance services as needed.

This number is intended for those Tenants who do not have the ability to enter maintenance requests through the Tenant portal online.

The same staff will be handling your maintenance services, we will just be using Appfolio’s services to assist with the manner for which the calls are routed.

We will be implementing some outside services for certain maintenance calls, such as heating & cooling, plumbing as well as electrical, for your convenience.